Brand Bahrain! The responsibility of the Chamber and every one

A Bahraini economist is urging Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and all Bahraini manufacturing companies to make the most of the country’s global marketing to attract visitors, investment and business opportunities which aims to unify messages to promote and position the country and to let the world know what it has to offer. We must highlights Bahrain’s strengths such as high-quality living, economic freedom, Arab culture and hospitality and world-class business environment. Chamber of Commerce and the business community must take this branding of Bahrain more seriously and use it to their advantage, says Mashal Group chief executive Dr Yousef Mashal. He said it was the responsibility of everyone to raise the country’s profile and companies would attract more investment and business opportunities if they focused on promoting unique selling points. Every country has a brand, however it is not something we make, but something we live and Bahrain’s values and beliefs are its brand,” he told the DT. The philosophy that lies at the heart of Bahrain is the outcome of a long-term culture and heritage that has shaped the nation and made us what we are now. “So we need to celebrate who we are and build a great pride in our nation and our identity as Bahrainis with a rich culture and heritage” Dr Mashal said the business community needed to help the world differentiate Bahrain from neighboring countries by prompting its unique history, culture and heritage. Bahrain is a kingdom of 4,000 years and its people have been educated from that time, not from yesterday and this has been flowing in the blood of its people for thousands of years. “What we should tell the world is that all countries may have water and sand, but these Bahrainis are highly educated with heritage. Dr Mashal said Chamber of commerce and everyone living in Bahrain had an important role to play in promoting the kingdom’s strengths and contributing to the country’s economic and social success. Right now, we live in a highly competitive world and every country is promoting itself and we must do the same, he noted. Why don’t we do a logo on our products that has a picture of an old Bahraini dhow or the Tree of Life? These are small things which will show our unique personality.

Dr. Yousef Hamed Mashal

Economist and Political analyst