One Year Cleaner Production in MASHAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY

Over the last several decades, the Industries have responded to environmental problems in three  successive steps, ignore, dilute and control.

In this sequence, each step has emerged as a possible solution to the problems which could not be solved by the earlier step. A stage has come where the prevailing  control approach is being found as a sub optional and short term solution.

The additional financial burden brought about by the cost of pollution and end of  pipe treatment has dissuaded the Industry from voluntary adoption of pollution control approach. It is now being  realized that it is better to adopt the preventive approach i.e. reduce  the generation of pollution itself as against the curative approach of taking care of pollution after it has been created. This approach is known as Pollution Prevention, Waste minimization or Clearer Production.

MASHAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, understood the basic significance of Clearer Production, increase production efficiency while at the same time eliminate or at least minimize wastes and emission at their source rather than treat them after they have been generated. One year ago, the management of MASHAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY took  a strong commitment for a successful Cleaner Production relevant to a reputable  Bahraini Chemical manufacturing Company and had set our goal to reduce our consumption of resources 5% by the first year.

To achieve this, we have launched a systematic methodology for an effective Cleaner Production Program with the full involvement of all management staff, operators, supervisors with a completely organized approach to the effective and sustaining, we have started in the source reduction starting with good house keeping and process and material change with a small equipment modification to give  better process control. Then we looked at the on site recovery and re-use of materials and the creation of useful by products. Finally, we  had to look at the products reformulation  were we discontinued all use of organic solvents and CFC products from all formulations and replaced with green products.

One year has passed since the Company started with the Cleaner Production and the benefits gained are amazing, apart from reducing production cost and reducing consumption of resources by 5% Cleaner Production  provided quality improvements in work environment which offered better image of the Company and ease of compliance with environmental regulations. In addition, Cleaner Production offered us new markets opportunities since increasing consumer awareness on environmental issues has brought high demand of green products in the  International market which had increased our exports to continuos accepts only green products.

Now in one year arising implementing Cleaner Production, we believe that it’s that only way for  Industries to survive remain competitive in the emerging global scenario.